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a professional food stylist and chef at every shoot

You can hire three different people for your next food photography shoot. Or you can get perfectly-coordinated world-class talent in one package.

Standard Services

These services come standard with all of our packages. You can also pick and choose if needed!

Food Photography

You wouldn’t hire a pastry chef to make sushi, so don’t let just any photographer capture your food! We’re professional photographers who have spent over a decade perfecting our techniques and processes for food.

Food Styling

Styling a plate for the camera takes a completely different approach than making a plate look appetizing to a customer! We know how to work alongside chefs or solo to translate any plate into a camera-ready shot.

Food Preparation

Have a great food product, but no chef available for a photo shoot? No problem! We have a clasically-trained chef at every session who can step into the kitchen and produce beautifully executed plates.

Image Editing

Image editing comes standard with every food photography package. We work with clients to understand where images will be used, from menus to websites to magazines, and deliver production-ready images.

Add-On Services

Need more support? We’ve got you covered with these additional services available upon request.

Social Media

There’s nothing like mouth-watering photos on social media to drive traffic to your business. Let us make it easy with ready-to-post images.

Custom Props

Props can go the extra mile to differentiate your brand. We’ll source and style custom props that communicate your brand in every photograph.